Contaminant Transport Modeling - HYDRUS-1D, Modflow, AMIGO

Many sites with environmental impact are a result of a spill. We use HYDRUS-1D to numerically simulate movement of contaminants from the ground surface to ground water (the vadose zone). Based upon the model outputs, we are able to evaluate various effective and cost efficient remedies such as natural infiltration barriers, liners, surface re-shaping, and excavation to help clients choose a path forward that protects human health and the environment and complies with regulatory standards. 

One product of our efforts in vadose zone modeling is API’s AMIGO decision tool. AMIGO simulates the chloride concentration in a water table (unconfined) aquifer after an accidental surface release of chloride (e.g. produced water or brine) or after the placement of chloride-rich material at the ground surface, such as in a landfarm or biopile. AMIGO is designed for operators, regulators, land managers or any citizen with a working knowledge of hydrogeology or soil physics.